Chairman's Letter - Diane Lear, National Hydropower Association

This year, the National Hydropower Association (NHA) celebrates its 30th Anniversary.  Over those 30 years, much has happened in both the energy industry and in education.  Likewise, NEED’s ability to expand and evolve in its 33 year history is what makes it the success it is today.  At NHA we continue to consider the need for an educated workforce a high priority now and in the future.  Our partnership with NEED helps us support K-12 energy education, teach teachers and students about hydropower, and excite kids about careers in hydro and the electric power industry.  The Hydropower Research Foundation is a contributor to NEED to support the continued evolution of NEED’s Hydropower Curriculum modules and teacher training.  In July, we’ll host a Hydropower Workshop at HydroVision 2013 – providing Colorado teachers with a training opportunity while they also get a chance to see new hydro technologies on the exhibit floor. 
It is these opportunities that make NEED successful.  Working in tandem with partners from across the energy industry, NEED makes learning about energy exciting, relevant, and, most of all, fun.  Teachers learn, students learn, and the public becomes more informed about energy.  NEED’s team of energy and education professionals believe in what we do as an organization.  They are selected because they are passionate about energy and education.  The NEED Board of Directors represents the vast energy industry as well.  From electric power to transportation, renewables and nonrenewables, and energy efficiency, NEED’s board members work to ensure NEED is healthy, strong, and continues to deliver high quality curriculum, teacher training, and program support. 
The companies, agencies, and organizations that support NEED each year make a difference in so many ways.  Teachers receive training, students receive up-to-date, engaging, hands-on energy equipment and curriculum, schools reduce energy use through energy efficiency initiatives, families learn how to use energy more wisely, and our partners have the opportunity to make an investment that has a lasting impact.  Together, we all make a difference.  We also hope that individuals and organizations who believe that energy education is important will join us in our work by supporting teacher training, curriculum development, grant programs, and more.  There is something each and every one of us can do to support NEED’s mission to reach students in every classroom.  As we celebrate the achievements of our teachers and students at the 33rd Annual NEED Youth Awards, let me say THANK YOU to the teachers, students, parents, sponsors and staff that make NEED successful.
 Diane Lear