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What is the Youth Energy COnference and Awards?

The 38th Annual NEED Youth Energy Conference and Awards gives students more opportunities to learn about energy and to explore energy in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). The annual June conference will have students from across the country working in groups on an Energy Challenge designed to stretch their minds and energy knowledge.

Full STEM Ahead — June 21-22
Want to stretch your mind even more? A limited number of spaces are available for a special two-day, pre-conference event which will allow students access to additional hands-on energy sessions, time to discuss energy with their peers, and access to industry professionals to learn about energy careers.

Hotel Information
Hotel accommodations are provided at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City June 22nd-25th for all registered attendees and June 21st-25th for Pre-Conference participants.

Hyatt Regency Crystal City
2799 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Arlington, VA 22202

Who is Eligible to Attend?
Students who participate in the Youth Awards project and meet criteria as determined by the Lead Teacher are invited to attend the conference and awards. Lead Teachers will determine the number of chaperones required to attend based on school requirements. Families should check with their lead teachers for school specific eligibility requirements.

Project Submission
Have you submitted your project? The Youth Energy Conference and Awards is the culminating event for the Youth Awards Program for Energy Achievement.

  • Find out more about the program and how to submit a project at
  • And make sure to check out last years winning projects here!
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Triple/Quad Room Double Room Single Room
Registration $550.00 $640.00 $945.00
Full STEM Ahead* $150.00 $180.00 $285.00

*(Limited availability! All participants in Full STEM Ahead must register for the entire conference)

Registration Information
All persons planning to stay in participant hotel rooms, participate in meals, attend sessions, participate in tours, and/or attend the awards ceremony on Monday, June 25th must register for the conference. We are unable to offer à la carte registration options.

Payment Plans
Registrants, depending on the date of registration, will be provided various payment plans. Lead teachers will be provided a payment form for reference.

Program Resources

All the stuff you need for the big event!


  • “My student especially enjoyed attending the pre-conference and meeting students from other states and really getting to know them.”

  • “My students work hard throughout the school year and this is a great way of rewarding them for their hard work.”

  • “Our students really enjoyed being involved in the pre-conference activities."

Event schedule

Want to know what to expect? An overview of the 2017 Youth Energy Conference and Awards is to the right. Download the pdf below for the full agenda.

2018 agenda coming soon!

The pre-conference agenda refers to the pre-conference event which allows students access to additional information, time to discuss energy with their peers, and access to industry professionals.

Full schedule (PDF)

Welcome to the first official event of the 2017 Youth Energy Conference! Learn about what you can expect over the next few days and meet your fellow participants.
Working in your small group, build your High Performance House to keep the most heat in (while following the building guidelines)
While you build your houses, small groups will be pulled out to explore virtual reality in Google Cardboard with NEED’s very own Bryan Landsiedel. (Tomorrow you can talk to Bryan about how to went from NEED kid to Google rockstar.)
Who had the highest achieving house? What are we doing tomorrow? Does anyone has good dinner recommendations?
A great team works well together because they communicate. You’ll need those skills to complete this morning’s challenge.
Hear from professionals! What do they do at work? How did they get their jobs? What did they go to school for? Think of some of your own questions too!
Here is your chance to really get to know our career mentors. You’ll have a few minutes to talk to each professional! Be prepared, they’ll want to hear about you and your career goals too!
Now that you’ve heard from peo-ple making waves in their industry, what does your career path look like?
Students share their 2016-2017 Youth Awards Projects with each other. Each school will present their project to grade level peers from around the country.
Working in Energy Task Forces, students work to address a real world challenge. The challenge goals, parameters, expectations, and timeframe will be provided at this time. Each Energy Task Force will consist of grade level peers from different schools and will be paired with a NEED Youth Staff member to help them meet their challenge and create their presentation.
While your students work on their Energy in STEM Challenge, teachers meet to discuss the weekend, share tips, and ask questions about their time in Washington D.C. Explore some new NEED activities too!
While your students work on their Energy in STEM Challenge, stop by and learn more about NEED, who we are, what we do, and what to expect this weekend.
It’s a night in Little Italy! Enjoy dinner with NEED students and sponsors. *Bring trading items to dinner!
Meet Youth and NEED staff and get acquainted with your fellow award winners through NEED activities and icebreakers. Attendees exchange trinkets and memorabilia from their home states with other attendees.
Special Thanks To The American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers for Sponsorship of the Welcome Banquet and Program.
NEED’s Curriculum Director Emily Hawbaker will be signing copies of NEED’s New book Energy Lab for Kids.
Energy Task Forces meet and work together with youth staff and with NEED mentor teachers on their Solution to the Energy in STEM Challenge.
Teachers receive additional professional development on Energy while students work with NEED’s Youth Staff and Mentor Teachers.
Wonder what your students have been up to all year? Spend a few hours having some fun with STEM! Stretch your science mind and partake in a little light-hearted competition among adults.
Task Forces present their Energy in STEM Solutions and share their ideas with their peers. One Task Force from each grade level will be invited to present their Energy in STEM Solution at the Youth Awards Ceremony on Monday.
Explore virtual reality in Google Cardboard with NEED’s very own Bryan Landsiedel.
Open touring of Washington’s memorials, Capitol Hill, Smithsonian museums, and other points of interest aboard the Big Bus Sightseeing double decker bus or via Metro.
Youth Staff will walk groups to Metro.
Evening Options include: Big Bus Night Tour, Kennedy Center, Baseball, Arena Stage, Ghost Tours, Monuments Tour on your own, etc. Enjoy dinner on your own at one of Washington’s culinary hot spots and favorites!
Helpful Hint: You should plan to arrive back at the Hyatt no later than 4 p.m. to change and get ready for the cruise!
5:15 p.m. Shuttle A Departs
6:00 p.m. Shuttle B Departs
Buses will take you to the pier for a tropical-themed cruise down the Potomac River and give you a chance to get to know more NEED friends. Be sure to wear your tropical gear! After the boat returns to the dock, NEED staff will ask groups to stay together in lines to facilitate easy bus loading, and to return to the hotel.
8:00 a.m. Breakfast Begins
8:30 a.m. Awards Ceremony Begins

Presentation of the Colors
Welcome Speaker Keynote Speaker
State Awards Presentation
National Awards Student Presentations

Special thanks to American Electric Power for sponsoring of the Youth Awards Breakfast and Ceremony.
Pack up and check out. Luggage may be stored in this area until 9 p.m.

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