Teacher Advisory Board

The NEED Teachers Advisory Board was created to assist NEED's staff, Board of Directors, and participants in planning, evaluating and implementing curriculum, programs, and special projects. The group meets one-two times a year and works to maintain the objectivity and comprehensiveness of NEED curriculum and programs. The Teachers Advisory Board members are available to assist NEED teachers nationwide with questions, comments, and suggestions.
Shelly Baumann, Rockford, MI
Constance Beatty, Kankakee, IL
Sara Brownell, Canyon Country, CA
Loree Burroughs, Merced, CA
Amy Constant, Raleigh, NC
Joanne Coons, Clifton Park, NY
Nina Corley, Galveston, TX
Regina Donour, Whitesburg, KY
Linda Fonner, New Martinsville, WV
Samantha Forbes, Vienna, VA
Michelle Garlick, Buffalo Grove, IL
Viola Henry, Thaxton, VA
Bob Hodash, Bakersfield, CA 
DaNel Hogan, Kuna, ID 
Greg Holman, Paradise, CA
Linda Hutton, Kitty Hawk, NC
Matthew Inman, Spokane, WA
Barbara Lazar, Albuquerque, NM
Robert Lazar, Albuquerque, NM
Leslie Lively, Reader, WV
Mollie Mukhamedov, Port St. Lucie, FL
Don Pruett, Sumner, WA
Josh Rubin, Palo Alto, CA
Joanne Spaziano, Cranston, RI
Gina Spencer, Virginia Beach, VA
Tom Spencer, Chesapeake, VA
Joanne Trombley, West Chester, PA 
Jim Wilkie, Long Beach, CA
Carolyn Wuest, Pensacola, FL
Wayne Yonkelowitz, Fayetteville, WV