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Youth Awards

The NEED Project's Annual Youth Awards Program for Energy Achievement

2018 Youth Awards for Energy Achievement


All NEED schools have outstanding classroom-based programs in which students learn about energy. Some schools have student leaders who extend these activities into their communities. To recognize outstanding achievement and reward student leadership, The NEED Project conducts the National Youth Awards Program for Energy Achievement.

This program combines academic competition with recognition to acknowledge everyone involved in NEED during the year - and to recognize those who achieve excellence in energy education in their schools and communities. The students and teachers set goals and objectives, and keep a record of their activities. In April, the students combine their materials into presentations and submit them online.

2018 Youth Energy Conference & Awards

The 38th Annual NEED Youth Energy Conference and Awards gives students and teachers opportunities to learn about energy and to explore energy in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). The annual June conference will have students from across the country working in groups on an Energy Challenge designed to stretch their minds and energy knowledge. Want to stretch your mind even more? A limited number of spaces are available for a special two-day, pre-conference event which will allow students access to additional hands-on energy sessions, time to discuss energy with their peers, and access to industry professionals to learn about energy careers.  

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Submitting Your Project

Two Levels of Entry

Youth Awards Signature Project
  • Multi-faceted outreach project that is student-driven
  • Covers several energy content areas and activities
  • Completion of a 15-slide digital slideshow that showcases goals of projects, activities completed, and results achieved
  • Projects are uploaded to the Youth Awards Project submission web site
  • Projects will be judged at the state and national levels with the opportunity to attend the National Recognition Ceremony in June
  • Special recognition may be given to projects that excel in one the following areas:
          Exemplary community energy education
          Energy engineering and design
          School energy efficiency

Youth Awards Foundations Project
  • Single activity outreach project that is student-driven
  • Focuses on a limited content area or set of activities
  • Completion of a 4-slide digital slideshow that showcases the goals and results of the project
  • Projects are uploaded to the Youth Awards Project submission web site
  • Projects will be recognized at the local level for outstanding efforts in the classroom and the community (Foundations Projects will not be eligible to attend the National Recognition Ceremony in June.)

Program Resources

  • Youth Awards Program Guide - includes information and instructions for completing a project and entering the program.
  • Completing Your Project
  • 2018 Youth Awards Staff Application (Due Dec 15, 2017) - (pdf)
  • 2018 Returning Staff Application - Coming Soon
  • NEED Youth Energy Leadership Award 2018 -  pdf  doc


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