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Solar Energy Animations

Energy At A Glance - Quick Fact Sheets - (Updated 10/16/2015)
Solar (small)  (large)                Biomass (small) (large)                    Uranium (small) (large)    
Wind (small)   (large)             Hydropower (small) (large)      Geothermal (small) (large)
Coal (small) (large)      Petroleum (small) (large)      Natural Gas (small) (large)
Propane (small) (large)      Hydrogen (small) (large)

Coloring Sheets

Atoms             Photosynthesis Solar  Coal Mining NEW
Coal    Propane    Coal Pollution NEW
Geothermal  Hydropower Halloween - Biomass  Petroleum Uses NEW
Natural Gas Wind Halloween - Solar  Fossil Fuels and the Sun NEW
Petroleum Biomass Thanksgiving - Natural Gas  

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