2017 NEED Year in Review


Teachers across the country have been reviewing and integrating new standards into their classrooms. The Common Core Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards are new to teachers and provide both challenges and opportunities in the classroom. NEED is already ready with great content, classroom management techniques, student development skills, and the teacher training needed for schools to achieve success with these new standards.

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have been adopted in forty-five states, four territories, the District of Columbia, and by the Department of Defense Education Activity. CCSS are divided into two main areas: English and Language Arts; and Mathematics. Because NEED curriculum guides already have a cross-curricular approach, many of them align well with CCSS standards, especially at the intermediate level with respect to developing and defending a position. The CCSS do not indicate specific titles for teaching specific skills. As a result, teachers can include more energy-related activities and reading within their classrooms. NEED can help teachers meet standards in reading, writing, and math while providing relevant lessons in energy and sustainability. All NEED curriculum materials have been correlated to the CCSS and these correlation spreadsheets are available to educators on our website.

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The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) can be daunting. As educators, we’re accustomed to seeing curriculum standards as single statements dictating information a student is expected to know upon completing a lesson, class, or grade. Looking at a page of NGSS expectations can be confusing unless you understand how everything on that page is designed to work together. This guide is designed to help you design an energy unit under the framework of the NGSS energy related standards.

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