2020 NEED Year in Review



Newly Released NEED Curriculum Samplers

These fun samplers recombine NEED favorites into a smaller, simpler format and allows us to showcase new curriculum activities before they go into full format.


The energy of moving water is a highly efficient, available, clean resource. Hydropower is our number one renewable source for electricity generation. The lessons in this new NEED curriculum sampler are meant to get students’ “big wheels turnin,” as they explore the energy in moving water, both in conventional hydropower of rivers and streams, but also in hydrokinetics, the power of moving waves, tides, and more. Students will get hands-on as they explore how water can do work, design a wave-powered energy generator, and even explore how temperature differences in the ocean can be used to generate electricity.

Download the Sampler Here

Sidekick Circuits

These quick activities were developed to help students understand how electricity flows through a circuit. Circuits provide a pathway for electricity to travel safely into and out of our devices. Students will be introduced to the most basic of DC circuits in the Light-a-Bulb Challenge. Once they’ve mastered the concept of a basic circuit, they will move up to Sidekick Circuits, where they must wire their own circuits on NEED’s energy source sidekicks, using bulbs to illuminate features on the image and adhesive conductive tape to connect the parts of a circuit. Students will enjoy the hands-on challenge and surprise you with their fun designs!

Download the Sampler Here

Energy, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

This set of activities will take students on a virtual trip through time as they look at how energy production, consumption, and even conservation has evolved in the past 100 years or so. Activities will allow students to look at the technologies and techniques used for harnessing energy in history, how the energy systems we use today work for us, and what energy consumption might look like as we head into the next 100 years. These activities are great for any multi-disciplinary classroom as they incorporate language arts, math, history, and technology.

Download the Sampler Here

Energy Escape

Escape rooms are pretty popular ways to test your problem solving skills as a group. This fun sampler will show you how to use energy content to create your own escape room-style puzzles without having to lock your students (and you) in the classroom! Students will enjoy cracking the codes of these educational puzzles to unlock boxes, suitcases, and bookbags instead. Conducting classes virtually? Don’t worry – there are fun hints and tips for how to make these activities work in a virtual setting, too!

Download the Sampler Here


We’ve launched a project with NREL and the U.S. Department of Energy Water Power Technology Office for new curriculum and training for high schools, career and technical education and emerging workforce.

As always, all NEED curriculum is available for free PDF download or e-publication at shop.NEED.org.

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