2020 NEED Year in Review



Eversource Home Energy Challenge

Thanks to support from Eversource, students and families had the opportunity to participate in two energy challenges to keep kids engaged and having some fun while learning about energy. In April, families received a NEED Energy House kit filled with supplies to build an energy efficient model home. Families submitted photos of their Energy Houses after they learned about the importance of insulation, building envelope, building materials, and more. In October, families received a Kill-a-Watt monitor and Draft Detectives supplies to complete an Energy Scavenger Hunt for phantom plug loads and spooky drafts.

Eversource Home Energy Challenge


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has caused many schools and educational institutions to rethink and restructure how the school year will play out. We understand the need for engaging and hands-on ideas for teachers and organizations to use in a distance learning environment and for families to use at home to keep kids thinking, exploring, and inquiring during this time. NEED pulled together some of our favorite resources

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Hands-on Energy Experiments!

Now more than ever, NEED recognized the value of providing videos for students and families that could be easily replicated at home and with more readily available supplies. From April – September of 2020, NEED utilized the Instagram Live feature to host a total of 26 hands-on energy experiments in real time. These live sessions were presented by NEED teachers and NEED youth staff and covered a multitude of energy topics from exploring solar with making solar art and homemade solar ovens, to guessing what everyday household items are made with petroleum, building an anemometer to measure wind speed, upcycling plastic bottles, discovering the energy behind balloon rockets, and more! The live experiments were recorded and uploaded to both our Instagram page and YouTube page, and have been viewed over 5,600 times.

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