The PECO Energizing Education Program is “project-based,” combining a five-week classroom program with a school energy audit completed by students, a field trip to a PECO power station, a community project, and an exciting opportunity for students to present their energy projects at a year-end community event. Designed and implemented by PECO, The Franklin Institute, and NEED, the program is supported by a grant from PECO and the Exelon Foundation. In the 2010-2011 school year, 14 schools were added to the program with plans for even more in 2011­-2012. 

Teachers can access NEED curriculum online. As resources are available, teacher workshops and
hands-on kits are available. Individual state curriculum correlations are available here.


William Penn Middle School
Yardley, PA
Pennsylvania School of the Year
Project Title:
Middle School Energy Ambassadors
Teacher Advisor: Kristin Slota
Student Director(s): Julian Chattopadhyay and Jonathan Nixon

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