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Search NEEDs Energy Booklist to find exactly what you need for your next lesson, demonstration, reading group assignment or energy club project. The Energy Booklist includes information on book title, author, topic, reading level (primary, elementary, intermediate and secondary), ISBN number, copyright date, publisher, whether it is fiction or nonfiction, and a short summary. Begin your search by typing in a keyword or phrase, or try one of the topic areas listed below. Book topics include: biomass, careers, chemistry, climate change, coal, conservation, demonstrations & experiments, earth science, earthquakes, ecology, electricity, energy, engineering, environmental, food, forces, fossil fuels, future, geothermal, gravity, heat, hydrogen, hydropower, inventors & scientists, light, magnets, math, motion, natural resources, nuclear, petroleum, photosynthesis, physical science, policy, renewable energy, science fair projects, solar, sound, sources of energy, transportation, trash, weather and wind.

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