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Elementary Level School Of The Year

Michie Elementary School
Michie, TN
National Elementary School of the Year
Tennessee Elementary School of the Year

Project Title: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Teacher Advisor: Debra Steen
Student Directors: Jack, Lori, Will

Short Line
Pine Grove, WV
National Elementary Finalist
West Virginia Elementary School of the Year

Project Title: You Want Energy? We Have Energy!
Teacher Advisor: Leslie Lively
Student Directors: Kynnedi Dallison, Rylee Harrison, Jacob Myers, Cason Haught

Morningside Elementary
Port St Lucie, FL
National Elementary Finalist
Florida Elementary School of the Year

Project Title: Morningside Elementary 2019 NEED Project
Teacher Advisor: Mollie Mukhamedov
Student Directors: Ryan Ayvaz, Paul Mukhamedov, Tyler McDonald, Paul Mukhamedov, Ben Prohaska, Sincere Robinson, Wyatt Taylor

St. James Intermediate
Myrtle Beach, SC
National Elementary Rookie of the Year
South Carolina Elementary School of the Year

Project Title: Illuminating the People Around Us
Teacher Advisor: Melody Barbour
Student Director: Hayden Broz