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Curriculum, Classroom Grants, Special Programs


The NEED Project provides curriculum on a variety of energy topics including energy transformations, energy sources, electricity, transportation fuels, and energy efficiency & conservation.  NEED continues to expand curriculum offerings, working with partners to create curriculum on additional energy topics and expanding offerings on existing content.  Contact NEED to learn about partnering on future curriculum.


Classroom Grant Programs

NEED partners with sponsors to provide grants to educators interested in expanding their energy education unit.  Grant applications are accepted online and reviewed by educators experienced in teaching energy in the classroom.


Special Programs

NEED works with partners to design special programs for local communities.If you are interested in starting a unique energy education program, please contact NEED at

Examples of Special Programs

Solar Schools programs: NEED partners with sponsors to create solar schools programs in local communities.  Solar installations at school sites are paired with educator training and curriculum materials for the classroom.

Saving Energy at Home and School programs:  NEED provides home energy efficiency kits and classroom curriculum focusing on energy use in the home to areas looking to reduce energy consumption.  Families provide installation and energy consumption data during the program.  

Hybrid Bus programs: Curriculum and specialized training was provided to Kentucky schools that use hybrid buses allowing the students to study the technology behind these efficient buses and the pros and cons of switching buses to this technology.