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Electricity and Magnetism

Primary Energy Infobook    

Elementary Energy Infobook     

Intermediate Energy Infobook     

Secondary Energy Infobook    

Energy Infobooks are the resource for many NEED activities and include an introduction to energy, information on major sources of energy, new technologies, energy conservation, electricity, climate  change,  and  other  energy  information. They are available on four reading levels and are revised and updated annually.  

 Primary Elementary Intermediate SecondaryEnergy SourcesEfficiency and Conservation



Current Energy Affair  (e-publication)

This activity is modeled after a television news broadcast, with student-correspondents reporting on seven major areas of electric power generation.



Energy Live  (e-publication)

Student rock bands write songs and sing about energy sources, electricity, and conservation and efficiency in this entertaining activity. Audiences learn more from these energy rock stars as they tell their stories to interviewers out to get the latest energy scoops. Teacher and student instructions are included, along with sample songs and interviews.

  Public Speaking

ElectroWorks Teacher Guide (e-publication)
ElectroWorks Student Guide (e-publication)

This guide includes background information and hands-on experiments to explore the basic concepts of atomic structure and electricity. Included are center-based experiments on static electricity, batteries, magnets, electromagnetism, and circuits.

Level: ElementaryLevel: IntermediateSubject: ScienceLanguage ArtsMathSubject: Technology


Energy Stories and More (e-publication)

This guide contains a series of stories and hands-on activities that can be used to introduce basic energy concepts and the major energy sources to primary and elementary students.

Level: PrimaryLevel: ElementaryTopic: Energy SourcesSubject: ScienceSubject: Language ArtsSubject: Social StudiesSubject: Public Speaking


Mission Possible  (e-publication)

Mission Possible is an activity in which students are challenged to develop an energy plan for a growing country.  Students consider the advantages and disadvantages of the energy sources available for them to use so that they can increase electricity production while maintaining environmental quality and quality of life.  Mission Possible Spreadsheet  

Level: SecondaryTopic: Energy Sources


Plug Loads  (e-publication)

This unit guides students through an in-depth investigation of electricity consumption by appliances and machines in their school building. Students gather data and calculate energy use and economic and environmental costs over time, and determine ways to reduce consumption.  Plug Loads Worksheet   


Science of Electricity

Students will create their own model generator, using magnets, wire, and simple lab items. After assembling the model to specifications, students can aim to optimize the design of the model, utilizing fewer or less costly materials to generate a larger amount of electrical output – a real-world challenge for electrical engineers.

Smart Meters  (e-publication)

Smart Meters allows students to explore smart meter technology, ways to save energy at home, investigate electricity consumption of electrical devices, and determine ways to reduce energy consumption at home.


Wonders of Magnets (e-publication)

Students explore the basics of magnets and magnetism through background reading and hands-on center-based experiments.

Level: PrimaryLevel: ElementarySubject: Science of EnergySubject: Science


Awesome Extras

Additional activities and materials related to electricity and magnetism can be found on the Awesome Extras page!