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Elementary Level School of the Year

Michie Elementary School
Michie, TN
National Elementary School of the Year
Tennessee School of the Year

Project Title: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Teacher Advisor: Ms. Debra Steen
Student Director(s): Alyssa Lilianthal, Eva Dancer

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Morningside Elementary
Port St Lucie, FL
National Elementary Runner Up
Florida Elementary School of the Year

Project Title: Morningside Elementary 5th Grade NEED Project
Teacher Advisor: Mollie Muhamedov
Student Director(s): Charity Robinson & Mia Iken

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St. Agnes
Louisville, KY
National Elementary Rookie of the Year
Kentucky Elementary Rookie of the Year

Project Title: Energy In Our School
Teacher Advisor: Kelley Mullaney-Schleg
Student Director(s): Maggie Young, Anthony Passafiume, Agnes Boyer, Lily Barker, Alex Moss, Lucy Kaufman

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Western Coventry Elementary School
Coventry, RI
National Elementary Runner Up
Rhode Island Elementary School of the Year

Project Title: Just Save It!
Teacher Advisor: Kerri Luchka
Student Director(s): Madelyn Charron

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