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Energy in Society

Topic: Energy in Society

Energy and Our Rivers  (e-publication)

This module examines how energy sources are transported along the nation’s rivers. Hands-on science and social studies activities encourage students to think about the importance of rivers as modes of transportation.



Energy Around the World  (e-publication)

This guide includes maps and energy information for countries around the world. Student groups research assigned countries and make presentations to the class that compare United States energy use to energy use around the globe.


Energy on Public Lands  (e-publication)

Students learn about energy resources found on public lands, and how they are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. This guide includes background information and cooperative learning activities for students to teach others.

Global Trading Game  (e-publication)

In this activity developed by the Ohio Energy Project, students become economic advisors, geologists, international traders, and miners as they analyze their assigned country’s resources and needs, then trade resources with other countries to enhance their economic position and environmental quality.

Mystery World Tour   (e-publication)

In this activity, students identify the energy challenges of different countries around the world and compare them to the United States. Students create a proposal and a presentation to share with the class, who will tour and try to identify each mystery nation.


U.S. Energy Geography

This HTML based resource includes U.S. maps covering all ten energy sources, energy production, energy consumption, and more! These maps are an excellent resource for any energy- related discussion or multi-disciplinary activity.


Yesterday in Energy  (e-publication)

This activity allows students to travel back in time without leaving the classroom.  Students conduct interviews and do research to learn about an create exhibits depicting energy use in the good old days.



Awesome Extras

Additional activities and materials can be found on the Awesome Extras page!