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Free Energy Education Workshop for Educators in the National Fuel Service Area.

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  • 3rd – 12th Grade Science and Tech Teachers
  • CTE Teachers
  • Math Teachers
  • To be eligible, your school must be located in National Fuel’s service territory.


  • It’s FREE
  • Breakfast and lunch provided
  • Substitute reimbursement
  • NEED classroom kit provided
  • New York state aligned curriculum.


8:00 a.m.         Registration

Pick up NEED materials and conference supplies. Light refreshments will be served.

8:15 a.m.         Welcoming Program

Introduction to the program and welcome by National Fuel representatives. Meet your colleagues.

 8:30 a.m.         Science of Energy

Investigate the forms of energy and energy transformations using the Science of Energy kit.

 9:45 a.m.         Energy Round-Up and the Forms and Sources of Energy

Learn more about how the nation’s energy resources are formed, produced, and used.

10:15 a.m.       Exploring Oil and Natural Gas

Activities help teachers and students understand and investigate the basics of oil and natural gas formation, exploration, production, refining, transport, safety, and end use.

11:45 a.m.       Lunch and Fair

Grab some lunch and discuss what you have learned so far.  At the end of lunch, we’ll play some fair games. Explore a sample Energy Fair in a Box!  Learn about the opportunity to host an energy fair at your school.

 12:45 p.m.      Energy Audits

Discuss the opportunity for energy audits in the program and gain some insight into efficiency and conservation in the classroom.

1:45 p.m.         Climate Web

Helps students to visualize climate as a system with many items feeding into it and relying on its function.

2:15 p.m.         National Fuel Student and Community Engagement Opportunities

Learn about opportunities provided by National Fuel to get your students involved in educating their communities on energy and energy efficiency, home kits for your students and how to become a part of the Kill-A-Watch Programming.

2:45 p.m.         The Paperwork!  Evaluation, Selection of Kits, and Wrap-up

3:00 p.m.         Adjourn