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  • K – 12th Grade Science Teachers
  • CTE Teachers
  • Math Teachers


  • It’s FREE
  • Stipend
  • A choice of a NEED Science of Energy Kit or NEED Oil and Gas kit
  • A class set of NEED Infobooks
  • State aligned curriculum
  • TEKS aligned
  • Professional development credits
  • TEEAC approved provider

2021 Virtual Agenda

8:45 a.m.       Registration Sign In

9:00 a.m.       Welcome to the Workshop!

9:15 a.m.       The Science of Energy

Learn more about the forms of energy and energy transformations while experimenting with the Science of Energy kit. ConocoPhillips provides a choice of Science of Energy Kit or Oil & Gas kit to all participating teachers.

10:25 a.m.       Quick Break

10:30 a.m.       Candy Collector and Electric Connections

After learning about the Science of Energy, participants begin studying the sources of energy. These quick lessons allow participants to understand renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.

11:15 a.m.       ConocoPhillips Speaker

11:30 a.m.       Exploring NEED Website and Distance Learning Tips

11:45 p.m.      Lunch Break

12:15 p.m.      Intro to Wind, Solar & Oil & Gas

12:30 p.m.       Energy Round Robin

  • Wind Can Do Works and Anemometer
  • UV Beads and PV activity
  • Density and Polymers

2:00 p.m.      Greenhouse in a beaker

2:30 p.m.      Energy Careers Round Up

3:00 p.m.       Understanding Energy Efficiency – Conservation in the Round

3:30 p.m.       Wrap Up and Survey Links

3:45 p.m.       Adjourn

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