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If you are interested in attending this workshop please email wmoss@need.org to see if you qualify.

Who Should Attend?
Educators teaching grades 4th – 8th science, technology, engineering, and more will find the workshop to be engaging and useful for their classrooms.

What Will You Receive? 

  • Stipend offered
  • Over $1,000 of classroom energy kits and curriculum
  • State Standards aligned curriculum
  • Opportunities to showcase your school ESP program and network with other schools
  • Mini-grants, access to STEM professionals and more!


7:45 a.m.            Registration & Sign In

8:00 a.m.            Welcome & Expectations

8:20 a.m.            Welcome from EPS Partners & Overview of Program

9:00 a.m.            Introduction to the Science of Energy

9:20 a.m.            Science of Energy Breakouts

Learn more about the forms of energy and energy transformations while experimenting with the Science of Energy kit.

9:50 a.m.            Science of Energy Reporting

10:10 a.m.          Quick Break

10:15 a.m.          Electric Connections and Candy Collector

After learning about the Science of Energy, participants begin studying the sources of energy. These quick lessons allow participants to understand renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.

11:00 a.m.          Electricity Generation – virtual baseload balance

11:45 a.m.          Lunch and wellness break

12:15 p.m.          Kit Round Robin – three rotations 20 minutes each

  • Wind – Wind Can Do Work & Anemometer
  • Solar – Solar Oven & UV beads
  • Oil & Gas – Polymers & Density
  • Nuclear – Candy Chemistry

1:35 p.m.            Quick Break

1:40 p.m.            Efficiency & Conservation – Conservation in the Round

2:00 p.m.            NEED Website and Program Timelines

2:20 p.m.            Workshop Wrap Up and links

2:30 p.m.            Adjourn

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