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Florida 2018

Teachers can access NEED curriculum online. As resources are available, teacher workshops and hands-on kits are available. Individual state curriculum correlations are available here. Florida schools participate in NEED workshops, receive grants and solar installations compliments of NEED’s partnership with FPL, and have the opportunity to learn about renewable energy and energy efficiency at Gulf Power sponsored Energy Expos and NEED workshops. More workshops, grants, and opportunities are planned for the 2013-2014 school year.

A. K. Suter Elementary School
Pensacola, FL

National Primary School of the Year
Florida Primary School of the Year
Project Title: Suter Rocks 2
Project Advisor: Raynee Bouillion
Student Director: Nolan Anderson

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Morningside Elementary
Port St Lucie, FL
National Elementary Runner Up
Florida Elementary School of the Year

Project Title: Morningside Elementary 5th Grade NEED Project
Teacher Advisor: Mollie Muhamedov
Student Director(s): Charity Robinson & Mia Iken

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