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Massachusetts 2018

Contact: Debbie Fitton

Tel: (508) 375-6703

Contact: Todd Rogers

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NEED programs are strong in Massachusetts thanks to the support of the Cape Light Compact, NSTAR and Dominion.
The Compact loans NEED kits and curriculum to classrooms, provides teacher training, and hosts many community
education events throughout the year. The Solarize Our Schools program provided a school in each town with a solar
installation and the associated curriculum materials and data system to learn more about the electricity generated with
solar power. NSTAR provides teacher training and curriculum related to energy efficiency and renewable energy to
schools in the NSTAR service area. In 2011, the new NEED Science of Energy Efficiency module launched with NSTAR
teachers to assist students in understanding the science of insulation, building envelope, and smart design for
buildings. Also in 2011, Dominion’s support of energy education workshops nationwide brings additional teacher
training to communities near Dominion generating plants.


Teachers can access NEED curriculum online. As resources are available, teacher workshops
and hands-on kits are available. Individual state curriculum correlations are available here.


Boston Latin School
Boston, MA
National Senior School of the Year
Massachusetts Senior School of the Year
Project Title:
Energy Efficionados
Teacher Advisor: Catherine Arnold
Student Director(s): Fahad Anwar, Joana Avrami, Kayla Butler, Samuel Cheever, Yanxi Fang, Addy Krom, Zoe Nagasawa, Ariana Rauch, Susan Tang, Anna Wilcox, Jia Yu, Tracy Lihui Zhang

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Paul P. Gates School?

Acton, MA
Project Title:
Recycled Art and Renewable Energy Sources
Teacher Advisor: Rebecca Acheson

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TechBoston Academy

Boston, MA
Outstanding School Energy Efficiency Project
Massachusetts Senior Rookie of the Year
Project Title:
Civics In Action
Teacher Advisor: Scott Muhlstein
Student Director(s): Norsha Hydol

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