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Rhode Island 2018

Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources

Contact: Barbara Cesaro

Tel: (401) 574-9124


For a small state, Rhode Island is BIG in energy education. Hosting over six workshops a year for teachers
and three workshops for teams for teachers and students, NEED’s programming in Rhode Island covers
the science of energy, energy sources, wind and solar energy, and home and school building energy
efficiency. NEED participates in the Rhode Island conference of the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership
and provides resources to school districts working to reduce energy consumption in school buildings. With
the support of the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources and National Grid, hundreds of teachers
and students are reached each year.


Teachers can access NEED curriculum online. As resources are available, teacher workshops
and hands-on kits are available. Individual state curriculum correlations are available here.


West Warwick, RI
Project Title:
Face of the Future
Teacher Advisor: Mark Grover
Student Director(s): Oasis Truss, Haley Fleagle, Samantha Lavallee

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Feinstein Middle School

Coventry, RI
Project Title:
Collaboration With The Coventry Community
Teacher Advisor:Jennifer Pietros, Linda Grandchamp, Anne Marie Printer
Student Director(s): Emily Heath, Emma Scotti, Paris Charbonneau, Adam Leander, Alexis Shylanski

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Gilbert Stuart Middle School

Providence, RI
Project Title:
No Home For Styrofoam
Teacher Advisor:Martha Lawson
Student Director(s): Natalie DiCenzo, Keyla Cintron, Sattrel Nheb

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Scituate Middle School

North Scituate, RI
National Junior Runner Up
Rhode Island Junior School of the Year
Project Title:
Engineering a Better Future
Teacher Advisor: Amanda Donahue
Student Director(s): Grace Luchka

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Scituate High School
North Scituate, RI
National Senior Runner Up
Rhode Island Senior School of the Year

Project Title: Scituate High School NEED Club
Teacher Advisor: Shannon Donovan
Student Director(s): Ethan Dionne, Brooke Petrangelo

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Western Coventry Elementary School
Coventry, RI
National Elementary Runner Up
Rhode Island Elementary School of the Year

Project Title: Just Save It!
Teacher Advisor: Kerri Luchka
Student Director(s): Madelyn Charron

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West Warwick High School
West Warwick, RI
National Senior Rookie of the Year
Rhode Island Rookie of the Year
Project Title:
Be The Change West Warwick
Teacher Advisor: Mr. Mark Grover
Student Director(s): Meghan Janicki


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