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Solar Curriculum and Weblinks

TXU Energy provides a contribution to NEED to provide solar curriculum and hands-on kits for participating teachers. Teachers attend a workshop in their community and have the opportunity to select grade appropriate Science of Energy Kits and TXU Energy Solar Academy Kits for their classroom. This contribution provides over $800 of materials to participating teachers.

The NEED Science of Energy Kit teaches about the forms of energy – heat, light, motion, chemical – and energy transformations. The TXU Energy Solar Academy Kits teach the properties of radiant energy and the ways in which we capture the power of the sun. Participants also receive a class-set of NEED Energy Infobooks (student readers) for the classroom.

Teachers participating in the program receive a full portfolio of NEED materials and curriculum guides. NEED guides are updated annually and are designed for use at the appropriate grade level. Teachers may find that they wish to use materials for older or younger students based on the capabilities of their students.

The Sun and Its Energy

Wonders of the Sun – Teacher Guide
Wonders of the Sun – Student Guide

Energy from the Sun - Teacher Guide
Energy from the Sun – Student Guide

Exploring Photovoltaics – Teacher Guide
Exploring Photovoltaics – Student Guide

For All Grades
Schools Going Solar Guide to Using the PV System
Building Solar Pizza Box Ovens

Correlations to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
For information about all energy resources, NEED creates Energy Infobooks as student readers for the classroom. To assist teachers and students in their search for energy information, the Infobooks have been separated by source and by grade level. Energy Infobook Activities are available for reinforcement of the content in the Energy Infobooks.

Other Links
Teachers are always looking for good web resources to use with their students. Visiting the following sites provides a good overview of energy for students.

Energy Information Administration Kid’s Page

The Texas Railroad Commission Kid’s Page

The Texas State Energy Conservation Office

Infinite Power of Texas Classroom Lessons

The National Science Teachers Association provides an "energy primer." The site discusses energy in general, sources of energy, fossil fuels, renewable energy, and so forth. Also included are lesson plans for educators and experiments that children can try on their own.

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council has great resources for schools considering going solar and for schools that have made the leap! NEED received the 2002 IREC Energy Innovation Award for its Illinois Schools Going Solar program and curriculum materials.

American Solar Energy Society - A great resource for solar energy.

The Energy Information Administration

U.S. Department of Energy

Solar Today Magazine’s Website provides great resources for teachers and the general public.