Using this site in the classroom

The Teacher Guide Tab contains background information and activities teachers may utilize in their classrooms to reinforce the concepts in the curriculum. Each activity lists the amount of time and all materials needed. The materials listed are either readily available in most science classrooms or easily purchased locally at little cost. Any printed materials for students are listed with a link to a pdf file to download. You will need Adobe Reader , a free download, to access the printed worksheets. Any and all materials may be reproduced for classroom use.

The NEED Project is honored to bring these resources to teachers and students with support from the International Council of Chemical Associations and the American Chemistry Council. Special thanks to Shell Chemicals for assistance with photos and videos. Understanding the products we consume is important in any discussion of energy use and climate change. NEED values teacher feedback, feel free to contact us at any time.
The Students Tab contains the written backgrounders, including a link for printer-friendly versions.

The Presentations Tab contains presentations that can be used by chemistry industry professionals who might visit your classroom.

The Video Tab contains video interviews with leading chemists involved in the manufacturing of products and in the work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Quiz Tab contains an interactive quiz that may be used as a pre-test before students learn as well as an assessment of their learning. Test your knowledge!

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Thank You to Shell Chemical for support of
the International Year of Chemistry and the
subsequent support of this website and curriculum.

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