2017 NEED Year in Review


In 2017, we moved our curriculum library over to our online store! All NEED guides are available in our shop as a FREE PDF download.

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New coloring sheets based on various energy topics have been added throughout the year, bringing our total to more than a dozen!

Download the Coloring Sheets Here

Prepared by Emily Hawbaker and the expert team at NEED Project, the lab activities in this book will let you explore almost everything about energy - what it is, how we find it, how we use it, and how we can save it. The chapters cross all categories--from steam, electricity, and chemical reactions, to water, solar, and wind power, allowing kids to compare and test the different sources and to discover their strengths and limits.

Using household supplies that you can find around the house or in a grocery store, these exciting projects let you observe, explore, discover, and get energized, while providing full-color images of the projects and activities in action.

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2017 has also brought new activities. Released as part of this years curriculum packet, check out the Nuclear Power Plant Simulation and PV Ping Pong in the curriculum insert Interactive Energy Simulations.

Interactive Energy Simulations

And speaking of new activities, check out the new siting and mapping activities added to Wind for Schools! Learn about the planning that goes into installing a new wind system.

Wind for Schools

Be on the look out for our new and improved efficiency and conservation curriculum in 2018.

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