NEED is expanding and evolving to best meet the needs of both teachers and students – in the classroom and beyond. Educators know that participating in NEED workshops provides them an opportunity to improve their personal energy knowledge while receiving valuable training and ideas to use in and out of their classrooms – no matter what grade level or subject they teach.

Working with education and energy advisors, NEED designs and delivers professional development opportunities for teachers that not only educate, but also energize, and bring that energy into their classrooms.

We have made sure to offer our training workshops during the week, on weekends, and virtually, to allow all teachers the chance to participate.  In 2023, we had 102 workshops across the country with 1,921 educators joining us from 1,053 different schools for hands-on learning. NEED makes training fun, engaging, and worthwhile. Word of mouth is one of our best marketing efforts and evaluations reflect 99% of workshop participants will recommend NEED materials and attending a NEED workshop to others.

Take a look at our Event Calendar and share with colleagues to join us at future events!

Teachers seated around a conference table

Very informative and really like the hands on opportunities so it was was easy for me to see how to incorporate in my classroom.
– Phillips 66 Workshop Particpant

One of the best I have been to because it is relevant and has a lot of activities I can take to the classroom immediately.
– Shell Workshop Participant

2023 Workshop Insights

Please note that these numbers only include our 1-day professional development trainings.  NEED’s reach also spans to student workshops, energy professional trainings, and more!

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I could attend every workshop and learn something new every time!! – Louisiana Workshop Participant

It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I learned so much, and the information is exactly what we are studying now! I am excited to use what I learned in my classroom.
– VNG Workshop Participant