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Karen Reagor

State Coordinator
The NEED Project
76 Childers Road
Clay City, KY 40312

Tel: 859-802-2024


About The Kentucky NEED Project

The Kentucky National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project is the state program of the
National Energy Education Development Project, a not-for-profit education association that focuses on
K-12 energy education. NEED provides workshops for teachers, grade-appropriate curriculum materials
and kits for energy activities in the classroom. NEED also assists schools in forming student energy teams
that study how energy is used in the schools and implements programs to help reduce energy consumption.

Program Highlights

Teacher Workshops: Each fall we offer 1-day professional development for K-12 educators, where teachers are introduced to the NEED curriculum and are active participants in many NEED activities.

Student Energy Teams (SET):  Our Kentucky NEED program strongly encourages students to engage in assessing energy usage and behaviors in their schools, then develop and facilitate an energy savings plan for their schools.  Over 100 Kentucky schools host active SETs.  

Kentucky Youth Awards Program (YAP) for Energy Achievement:  In April, Kentucky NEED hosts our annual YAP Awards Luncheon in Frankfort in partnership with the Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools program.  Student groups are recognized for the energy and environmental projects they have completed during the school year.

Kentucky Energy Tour:  In June we host our annual Energy Tour for Kentucky Educators, spending five (5) days on a tour bus visiting energy sites across the Commonwealth.  We have a three year rotation, visiting sites in east, central and western Kentucky.

Kentucky is fortunate to have program sponsors who provide funding for schools across the Commonwealth.

Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence (DEDI)
DEDI has funded our Kentucky program for over 15 years, through State Energy Program (SEP) and Coal Education funds. This support allows us to host one-day teacher workshops.  They also support our Student Energy Team program and our Kentucky Youth Awards Program. The coal education funds support our five (5) day Energy Tour.

Duke Energy – Kentucky
Sponsoring programming in their northern Kentucky service territory, Duke Energy has been a funding partner since 1995. This program provides 1-2 educator workshops each year, funds our Saving Energy At School and Home program and supports our Kentucky Youth Awards Program.

Louisville Gas & Electric/Kentucky Utilities (LG&E/KU)
Our partnership with LG&E/KU began in the fall of 2009 and allows us to work with K-8 teachers and students in schools receiving electric utilities from either LG&E or KU. In addition to hosting eight (8) workshops in their service region, we have four (4) regional coordinators assigned to specific districts who provide additional services to the schools. Professional development for the teachers, training for the student energy teams and classroom presentations are just a few of the options available through this program.

Kentucky Power/AEP (KP/AEP)
KP/AEP supports schools in the far eastern region of Kentucky.  The program continues to support the CFL giveaway for families and was expanded this year to include a 1-day workshop for teachers in schools receiving electric utilities from KP.

Salt River RECC, Nolin RECC, Bluegrass Energy  (East Kentucky Power Cooperatives)
These energy cooperatives provide funding to support teachers in their service territories to attend our 1-day workshops and other training opportunities.

Non-funding Partners

School Energy Managers Program (SEMP)
Kentucky is very fortunate to have the support of DEDI and the KY School Board Association (KSBA) for the SEMP program, providing energy managers for many of our Kentucky Schools.  We work closely with these energy managers to support student engagement in addressing energy usage and behaviors in their schools.  Our Student Energy Team (SET) program is one of the strongest in the U.S.

East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC)
EKPC has been a longtime supporter of our program providing resources for teachers and logistical support for our energy tours.


A. M. Yealey Elementary
Florence, KY
Foundation Project

Project Title: Energy Carnival
Project Advisor: Julia Deevers-Rich
Student Director(s): Mariah Mendenhall

View Full Project



Bate Middle School
Danville, KY

Project Title: Energy Excites
Project Advisor: Jill Mullins
Student Director(s): Jackson Montgomery

View Full Project

Briarwood Elementary
Bowling Green, KY

Project Title: Briarwood Saves Energy
Project Advisor: J. Michelle Roberts
Student Director(s): Olivia Otto

View Full Project

Bullitt Central High School
Shepherdsville, KY

Project Title: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
Project Advisor: Brandy Sharp
Student Director(s): Haleigh Wells

View Full Project


Centerfield Elementary School
Crestwood, KY

Project Title: Centerfield Elementary Wind Kids
Project Advisor: Deborah Sloan
Student Director(s): Adam Mouchrani, Andrew Fischer, Ben Lewis, Bobby Smith, Maggie Kaiser, Malachi Nance, Meghan McNichols, Riley Hayden

View Full Project


Collins Elementary
Florence, KY

Project Title: Energy Team
Project Advisor: Jenny Brown
Student Director(s): Savannah Newby Rory Barker

View Full Project

Crittenden County Schools
Marion, KY

Project Title: Electrical Consumption
Project Advisor: Ms.Davis
Student Director(s): Valerie Jennings

View Full Project

Crossroads Elementary School
MT Washington, KY

Project Title: Crossroads Energy Team
Project Advisor: Rebecca Johnson

View Full Project


Early College and Career Center
Elizabethtown, KY
Kentucky Senior Rookie of the Year

Project Title: EC3 Energy Task Force
Project Advisor: Joe Stuecker
Student Director(s): Brandon Holt

View Full Project

Henry County Middle School
New Castle, KY

Project Title: Promoting Energy Efficiency and Conservation Practices at Henry County Middle School
Project Advisor: Carla Pollard
Student Director(s): Kyla Henson, Bo Kasten

View Full Project

Lakewood Elementary
Cecilia, KY
Foundations Project

Project Title: Unlimited POWER
Project Advisor: Jamie Chenault
Student Director(s): Jaycee Kurzynowski

View Full Project


Llyod Memorial High School
Erlanger, KY
National Senior School of the Year
Kentucky Senior School of the Year

Project Title:
Can I Get A Watt Watt Year2
Project Advisor: Melissa Stolz
Student Director(s): Miranda Massmann, Grace Herrmann

View Full Project


Locust Grove Elementary
Crestwood, KY
Foundations Project

Project Title: A Legacy of Energy Saving
Project Advisor: Alan Sadler
Student Director(s): Logan McCarter

View Full Project

Lyon County Elementary School
Eddyville, KY
Kentucky Elementary School of the Year

Project Title: Let's Recycle
Project Advisor: Janet Forsythe

View Full Project

Mason County Middle School
Maysville, KY
National Junior Rookie of the Year
Kentucky Junior Rookie of the Year

Project Title: Increase Your Green
Project Advisor: Ella F. Bowling
Student Director(s): Rachel Payne, Dillon Osgood, Nate Campbell, Serenity Kilgore

View Full Project


North Middle School
Radcliff, KY

Project Title: How to help with the Conservation of Energy
Project Advisor: Samantha Hardesty
Student Director(s): Collion Prescott

View Full Project

North Middle School
Radcliff, KY

Project Title: Energy Team
Project Advisor: Samantha Hardesty
Student Director(s): Ethan Hardesty

View Full Project

Ockerman Middle School
Florence, KY

Project Title: EnergyEducate=LearnMore/UseLess
Project Advisor: Jennifer Davis
Student Director(s): Zach McEachern, Alexa Cyr

View Full Project

Old Mill Academy
Mount Washington, KY
Foundations Project

Project Title: Rookie Green Team
Project Advisor: Lynn Lagermann
Student Director(s): Willow Kischnick

View Full Project


Pleasant Grove Elementary
Mt. Washington, KY
Foundations Project

Project Title: Learning, Saving and Reporting about Energy at PGE
Project Advisor: Julie Hall
Student Director(s): Madison Hall

View Full Project

Saint Mary Academy
Prospect, KY

Project Title: Hydropower Energy for Africa
Project Advisor: Kelley Mullaney-Schleg
Student Director(s): Elizabeth Lucas

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Sayre Middle School
Lexington, KY
National Junior Runner Up
Kentucky Junior School of the Year

Project Title: Sayre Saves Energy
Project Advisor: Sarak Cummins
Student Director(s): Aya Samadi, Coby Cummins, Jasir Rahman, Omar Fakhoury

View Full Project


Shepherdsville Elementary
Shepherdsville, KY
Kentucky Elementary Rookie of the Year

Project Title: Kill-A-Watt
Project Advisor: Katherine Goetzinger
Student Director(s): Kansas Etherton

View Full Project

South Warren Middle School
Bowling Green, KY

Project Title: RACE Energy Portfolio
Project Advisor: Magen Meador
Student Director(s): Tyler Beyke

View Full Project

Southern Elementary School
Lexington, KY

Project Title: Sustainability Stars
Project Advisor: Abby Franklin
Student Director(s): Millie Wallace, Kylie Simpson, Chloe Byrd, Brooklyn Masharbash

View Full Project

Tichenor Middle School
Erlanger, KY

Project Title: Energy Awareness Project
Project Advisor: Nicole Greis
Student Director(s): Olivia Anderson and Clifton Brown

View Full Project

Turkey Foot Middle School
Edewood, KY

Project Title: Energy Conservation
Project Advisor: Julia Hurst
Student Director(s): Lily Sis, Emily Norvell

View Full Project

Virginia Chance School
Louisville, KY

Project Title: Our Energy at Work
Project Advisor: Sarah Cummins
Student Director(s): Mimi Mutchnick, Lila Rue

View Full Project


West Hardin Middle School
Cecilia, KY

Project Title: Shining a Light on Energy
Project Advisor: Emilee O'Brien
Student Director(s): Madyson Lira

View Full Project

Zonetone Middle School
Shepherdsville, KY

Project Title: Saving Money With the Green Team
Project Advisor: Carissa Argueta

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NEED National Training Conference
As Kentucky prepares to implement new science standards, twenty-one Kentucky teachers attended the National Training Conference and worked with Kentucky NEED team members to plan how to best incorporate NEED resources into their curriculum.


LG&E and KU Partnership

Four Kentucky NEED Regional Coordinators worked with K-8 schools in 70 school districts across the Commonwealth during the 2013-14 school year as part of Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities (LG&E/KU) Children’s Energy Education Program. Charged with establishing embedded energy education programs in K-8 schools receiving their electricity from either LG&E or KU utilities, the coordinators worked full-time to achieve this goal. They provided teachers with professional development opportunities, made classroom presentations and assisted schools in establishing and/or maintaining their student energy teams. Eight one-day NEED workshops were held for the teachers, introducing them to NEED’s energy education resources and providing them with hands-on kits for their students. Due to their efforts, we now have reached 191 schools, have 72 educators with embedded NEED programs in their classroom and 47 sustained student energy teams across the state.

Duke Partnership

Schools in Northern Kentucky were offered two community-wide energy education opportunities through our Duke Energy sponsorship. Student groups were invited to apply for mini-grants to plan and facilitate energy education projects for their families and community members. Several Energy Fairs were held across Northern KY. Students were invited to participate in the distribution of residential energy efficiency kits to households are Duke electric customers. In addition, Duke also sponsored one NEED Energy Workshops for Educators for the region.

Student Energy Team from Hinsdale Elementary School – Kenton County


Kentucky Power/AEP CFL Project 

Working with KP/AEP partners, Kentucky NEED planned and facilitated three professional development opportunities for seventh grade teachers in the service territory in support of the utilities’ CFL project. NEED curriculum and resources that support energy efficiency lessons were provided.

High Performance Sustainable School Buildings Workshop

The 2013 Kentucky NEED High Performance Sustainable School Buildings Workshop, held in partnership with the Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence (DEDI) continues to impact energy efficient school design in Kentucky. During workshop sessions, school administrators, architects and engineers heard from design experts and administrators about a holistic, systems approach to school design and renovation. A program highlight was a presentation by Kenton County high school students on their research of energy efficient design opportunities in their district.             


Kentucky Energy in Education Collaboration

During the ARRA funded years, Kentucky developed a successful collaboration of several organizations working to address energy issues in K-12 schools. When the funding ended, three of these organizations chose to continue the collaboration. Kentucky NEED, Kentucky Green & Healthy Schools Program and the School Energy Manager Project are carrying on their partnership to work in support of teachers and students who want to learn about and address energy and environmental issues in their schools.             


Kentucky NEED Sponsors
Thank you to the following sponsors who make Kentucky NEED programs possible.

Kentucky NEED Partners

If you would like more information on becoming a KY NEED sponsor or partner, please contact Karen Reagor at