From Mary E. Spruill, Executive Director

NEED’s team is ready for a 2019 filled with teacher and student trainings, curriculum development and delivery, our great NEED Energy Conference for Educators to be hosted in Galveston, Texas this July and so much more.

One of the “more” things this year is the redesign of the NEED Youth Energy Conference and Awards. Building on the decades-long success of the NEED Youth Awards for Energy Achievement, the decision was made (thanks to brilliant feedback from our teachers and students and hard work from NEED’s Program Director, Rebecca Lamb) to make the culminating event hosted each June in Washington, D.C. a deeper Energy and STEM experience for participating students. New at the conference will be workshops for teachers, students, and parents and an Energy Challenge for students to work together to design answers to some of society’s most vexing energy challenges.

Students will engineer, teachers will explore, parents will engage, all while networking with others and showing off the award-winning energy education efforts each school has accomplished during the year. The Youth Energy Conference and Awards showcases many of the best of NEED’s school programs and we know that teachers, students and parents will be excited and engaged during the entire event!

We are an energy organization, so it’s appropriate to think of how powerful NEED curriculum and teacher training is. Teachers and students train to use NEED in the classroom or in the extracurricular setting. They plan their energy units and think about what energy topics students most want to learn about during the year. They engage local energy companies and organizations to share knowledge, and they are powerful. NEED kids change ideas and attitudes by teaching about energy. NEED teachers provide the classroom support to help students explore, learn and form their ideas and opinions about energy. NEED students and teachers are powerful because of their knowledge and the skills they gain through NEED and other activities.

For the 2018-2019 school year, you’ll see a redesign of our Energy Efficiency and Conservation curriculum, new sections of the website designated for NEED’s oldies and goodies, and some great new additions to our transportation curriculum. There is a LOT of energy and excitement ahead of us and we are thankful to have our teachers, students, sponsors and friends with us as we continue to seek even bigger success in 2019.

With many thanks,

Mary E. Spruill
Executive Director