NEED Educators Basic Curriculum Units

NEED’s Teacher Advisory Board has designed NEED’s Basic Curriculum Units at four levels to help teachers implement energy units in their classrooms. Each unit is designed to comprehensively cover what NEED believes to be important components of a complete energy unit. These units are designed to meet national and state standards for each grade level by teaching the science of energy, sources of energy, electricity and magnetism, transportation, and efficiency and conservation. Synthesis, reinforcement, evaluation, student leadership, and outreach activities are also included.

Download and utilize these curriculum units as-is, or use them as building blocks to create a tailored unit that meets the needs of your students. Exchange or supplement titles where necessary to create a rich learning experience for your classroom. For more information on each title in the units, and other titles NEED offers, check out NEED’s Resource Catalog and Planning Guide. Choose a unit below to get started!