NEED Teacher Advisory Board

The NEED Teachers Advisory Board was created to assist NEED’s staff, Board of Directors, and participants in planning, evaluating and implementing curriculum, programs, and special projects. The group meets one-two times a year and works to maintain the objectivity and comprehensiveness of NEED curriculum and programs. The Teachers Advisory Board members are available to assist NEED teachers nationwide with questions, comments, and suggestions.

Constance Beatty, Kankakee, IL
La’Shree Branch, Highland, IN
James M. Brown, Saratoga Springs, NY
Mark Case, Randleman, NC
Amy Constant-Schott, Raleigh, NC
Nina Corley, Galveston, TX
Samantha Danielli, Vienna, VA
Shannon Donovan, Greene, RI
Michelle Garlick, Long Grove, IL
Nancy Gifford, Harwich, MA
Erin Gockel, Farmington, NM
Robert Griegoliet, Naperville, IL
Bob Hodash, Bakersfield, CA
DaNel Hogan, Tucson, AZ
Greg Holman, Paradise, CA
Barbara Lazar, Albuquerque, NM
Robert Lazar, Albuquerque, NM
Leslie Lively, Porters Falls, WV
Melissa McDonald, Gaithersburg, MD
Nicole McGill, Washington, DC
Hallie Mills, St.Peters, MO
Jennifer Mitchell-Winterbottom, Pottstown, PA
Mollie Mukhamedov, Port St. Lucie, FL
Cori Nelson, Winfield, IL
Don Pruett Jr., Puyallup, WA
Judy Reeves, Lake Charles, LA
Libby Robertson, Chicago, IL
Tom Spencer, Chesapeake, VA
Jennifer Trochez MacLean, Los Angeles, CA
Wayne Yonkelowitz, Fayetteville, WV