The NEED Facilitator Resources website is a tool designed to provide facilitators with the most up to date workshop resources available from the NEED office. As forms, PPTs and materials are updated, they will be posted to the site.

To ensure you have the most up to date version of materials, visit the site when you need these resources (instead of saving a downloaded, and potentially out of date, version on your computer). The NEED Facilitator Resources website also contains facilitation skill and energy background information including Frequently Asked Workshop Questions and Useful Links. These resources will be updated periodically by NEED staff. If there are workshop resources you would like included or if you come across facilitation/energy background information that would be useful to other facilitators, email links, resources and suggestions to Wendi Moss ( or Kimberly Swan (

Workshop Resources

Virtual Workshop Information
Pre/Post tests, evaluations, and order forms are via a SurveyMonkey link
Facilitator Tech Box – What’s inside?
Zoom Norms & Expectations PPT slide
Virtual Workshop wrap-up PPT slide
Oil & Natural Gas Activities – recorded from Phillips 66 sponsored virtual workshops (NOTE: these recordings are for NEED staff viewing only, please do not share outside of NEED facilitator staff. Recording 1 and Recording 2

Note: These clips do not showcase the density activity, which is included with the Shell sponsored workshops.

In Person Post-Workshop Shipping Information
Please overnight all sign-in sheets, on site registrations, kit order forms, evaluations, pre/post surveys and facilitator reports to:
Wendi Moss
The NEED Project
8408 Kao Circle
Manassas, VA 20110
Facilitator Kit
Return Kits to the NEED Distribution Center.
Remember: If a piece in a facilitator kit breaks, throw it out and put a note in the kit for the Distribution Center staff
NEED Distribution Center
North Park Business Center
6701 Peter’s Creek Road
Suite #105
Roanoke, VA 24019

Forms for Facilitators

Stipend Form (typically Saturday workshops only, request stipend forms from NEED HQ)
Evaluation Form to be used for all workshops (version 08.19)
Expense Form (xls)- Be sure to enter stipend as a line item and NEED will complete value
Personal Sub Form
Facilitator Report – now online!
On site Registration Form – Fill out for workshop attendees who are not included on your registration list.

Facilitator Kits

In order to help make your workshop run smoothly, we have developed facilitator kits specific to the type of workshop you will be facilitating. Depending on the size of your workshop and the agenda you may be shipped multiple kits.
Introduction – Information on how the facilitator kits work, expectations of the facilitator when using the kits and a brief description of what is in each kit.
Tool Kit (updated 11.10.15) – sent to Hydropower, Wind, Nuclear, and Hydrogen workshops
Carbon and the Carbon Cycle

Pre/Post Tests

Updated September 2022
General Workshop Pre/Post and Answer Key
Oil and Natural Gas Pre/Post and Answer Key
Solar Pre/Post and Answer Key
Energy Efficiency Pre/Post and Answer Key
Climate Pre/Post and Answer Key

Workshop PowerPoints

NOTE: If directly clicking on the hyperlink does not work, right click and select “Copy link address”, then open a new tab and paste it there to open. These are in the process of all being updated by summer 2023!

Science of Energy (updated March 2023)
Solar 101 – short version (updated 9/4/20)
Solar 101 – long version
Wind 101 (updated 9/4/20)
Hydropower 101 (updated 11/24/21)
Nuclear 101 (updated February 2022)
Introduction to Nuclear Reactors (updated 9/4/20)
Phillips 66 Workshop part 1 (updated 10/18/22)
Phillips 66 Workshop part 2 (updated 10/18/22)
Shell  (updated 4/20/23)
Energy4Me PPT – to be shown at all workshops where Oil and Gas books are distributed
Energy Literacy – to be shown at all workshops where Energy Literacy guides are distributed

Workshop Computer Files & Interactive Google Slides