Photo of cartoon energy icons held by a teacher

Educators know that participating in NEED workshops provides them an opportunity to improve their personal energy knowledge while receiving valuable training and ideas to use in and out of their classrooms – no matter what grade level or subject they teach.

NEED makes training fun, engaging, and worthwhile. Word of mouth is one of our best marketing efforts and a poll of nearly 1,400 educators this past year have 99% saying they would recommend NEED materials and workshops to other teachers!

Teachers participating in an educational workshop
two female Teachers participating in an educational workshop
Teachers holding hands as part of a workshop exercise
Teachers timing an experiment at a workshop
Teachers measuring height as part of a workshop

Workshop Facts

Please note that these numbers only include our 1-day professional development trainings.  NEED’s reach also spans to student workshops, energy professional trainings, and more!

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Chart describing the workshop reach of the 2022 NEED educator workshops
Graphic showing effectiveness of NEED educator workshops