Some activities and slides to get you charged up learning about the electricity that keeps our lives bright and comfortable.

PowerPoint Presentations

Introduction to Electricity


Secondary Article: The Power Crisis in California March 2001
Elementary Article: Will your First Car be an EV? January/February 2003
Intermediate/Secondary Article: Measuring Electricty  March/April 2003
Elementary Article: What’s a Short Circuit? November/December 2003
Secondary Article: The Blackout of 2003 November/December 2003
Primary Activity: Open and Closed Circuits November 2006
Elementary Activity: Insulators and Conductors November 2006
Intermediate Activity: Series and Parallel Circuits November 2006
Intermediate Article: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles November 2007
Wind Electricy Logic Puzzle September 2007
Career Chats: Delinda Borden, Customer & Distribution Services Manager, Kentucky Power October 2008
Secondary Level Activity: Chemical Energy and Electricty February 2009
Q&A: Katherine Hamilton, President of GridWise Alliance May 2009
America’s Electric Grid May 2009
Q&A: Steve Hauser,Vice President of Stragety for Gridpoint inc May 2009
Q&A: Jane Weismann, Executive Director of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council November 2009
Q&A: Doug Keaton, Electrical Technology Instructor, Area Technology Center November 2009
Intermediate and Secondary Activity: Using Online Interactive Maps September 2011
Elementary Activity: Energy Pie Charts September 2011
Elementary Activity: Interpreting and Representing Data August/September 2012
Intermediate and Secondary Activity: Make An Incandescent Lightbulb December/January 2012
Q&A: Stephen Smith, Commercial/Industry Electrial Work, Stephenson Electric February/March 2012
Green Jobs February/March 2013

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Average Retail Price for Electricity

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