Calling all NEED energy educators! Do you include topics of climate change in your energy education efforts? Climate change and energy are connected, from our energy production to our consumption. This new book can help! Climate Change: Discover How It Impacts Spaceship Earth is perfect for 4th through 8th grade readers and will teach students about the science and technology impacting Climate Change. Through stories, facts, and science, the book helps readers believe they can be the change they wish to see in the world. Engaging artistry and cool chapter titles like Burps Farts and other Greenhouse Gases are coupled with the recurring metaphor of Earth as a Spaceship. It helps young readers comprehend the importance of Earth’s interconnected systems.
Readers examine real studies concerning planetary science, Arctic ice bubbles, carbon measurements, energy consumption, and more. Kids explore the history of human impact from the Industrial Revolution to today, as well as the science and engineering innovations underway around the world to address global climate change.

The authors clearly understand that doom and gloom scenarios used to scare kids into action is not the correct approach. Instead, they teach readers about Giants of Climate Science and renewable energy technology, and utilize digital supplemental materials to enhance the discussion of climate change and make complex concepts easier to understand. Accompanied by 25 hands-on STEM lessons that can be used to help explain the fundamental concepts involved in climate change, this book is a great companion to any NEED energy lesson.