Pumpkins and potions and … power??Energy Action Month image

That’s right! NEED’s favorite month is back!

Apart from costumes and candy, October packs a triple whammy: it’s Energy Action Month! Formerly dubbed Energy Awareness Month by the United States Department of Energy, the title was recently changed to emphasize a call-to-action.

So what terrorific activities do you have planned for your classroom this month? Halloween parties are a thing of the past—how about spicing it up with an Eerie Energy Extravaganza?!

With spine tingling temperatures just around the corner, it’s the most bewitching time of year to drive home energy conservation and efficiency lessons.

Don’t know where to start? Have no fear! We’ve put together a list of frighteningly fun, easy-to-prep curriculum sure to keep you from moaning and groaning (we’ll leave that for the zombies). For example, try out our Plug Load unit—because this is the perfect time to teach about Vampire Loads!

But beware! Once you introduce Energy Rock Performances and Energy Carnival games into your classroom, you’ll have to say RIP to your old ways of celebrating October!