As school for students has started back up again, many teachers and students may find themselves beginning the countdown to bring back fun in the sun and summer freedom. We at The NEED Project want to help make your school year such a success that it seems to fly by! Since 1980, our philosophy has been about “Kids Teaching Kids” by providing teachers with the curriculum and materials that help spark student’s interest and be truly engaged in inquiry-based, hands-on, and exciting learning activities about energy, all while enhancing student leadership skills.  When surveyed at workshops and events, 95% of teachers believe that NEED materials increase student performance on state tests. Students in NEED programs showed a 41% increase in energy knowledge after using NEED curriculum. The requirements of state standards, Common Core State Standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards are fully supported by NEED materials.

By visiting, you can see where our upcoming, FREE to attend, energy workshops are, all over the nation. These workshops provide teacher’s great professional development opportunities with comprehensive, objective information about the scientific concepts of energy. Energy education doesn’t have to sound intimidating or boring and our knowledgeable and passionate presenters make sure of that!

NEED also hosts sessions at several state, regional, and national science teacher’s conventions and conferences throughout the year on various K-12 energy topics. We hand out free curriculum, infobooks, and opportunities to win science of energy kits.

Teachers at NEED energy workshop

Whether it’s your first year delving into an energy unit, you desire to learn more, or are looking for new ways to engage your students, The NEED Project is dedicated to helping teachers succeed in their classrooms, after-school programs, and multi-disciplinary teams.  Welcome back to school…and have a great year!