October is more than pumpkin spiced lattes, falling leaves, and busting out the long sleeves – it’s Energy Action Month!

The NEED Project has all sorts of activities to ensure a wicked good time while learning about energy.

Sink your teeth into our Plug Load unit to teach about phantom load, otherwise known as vampire power, to explain electricity consumed by an appliance or device that is plugged into an outlet but not currently “on”.

Speaking of vampires, learn how properly sited wind turbines don’t kill bats in our Energy on Stage play titled, “Harry Spotter and the Chamber of Windy Myths”, that lets students act as fun and mythical characters while conveying energy facts about wind turbines.  Harry Spotter also takes a turn at understanding CFL and LED bulbs in “Harry Spotter and the Quest for the Right Light”.

Blast classic spooky tunes like “Monster Mash” and “Thriller” as your students play games from our Energy Carnival guidebook.

Get your sweet tooth ready by playing Candy Collector, newly added to the Energy Games and Icebreakers guide that introduces students to the terms “renewable” and “nonrenewable” while providing a closer look at how these energy sources will last.

Spine-chilling weather lurks around the corner and our Building Science guide lets students investigate the science behind heat transfers into and out of a system, as well as how to conduct a home energy audit.

No bones about it, NEED has you covered when it comes to helping your little ghouls understand the importance of energy!