Calling all creative talent! We thought a playful competition might be a fun way to ring in the New Year –or fill any upcoming snow days!

As nationwide incentives, prizes, and promotional items at our workshops and in our programs, we’re having reusable tote bags made. You know the kind. The cloth ones you can carry groceries in to avoid all the double-bagged plastic ones that you can never seem to recycle fast enough.

So here’s where you come in: The bags need some flair! Some art! Some. . . ENERGIZING art, if you will. Where better to recruit some fabulous artistic talent than from the students currently immersed in the topic?

So here’s the deal:

Email me, Cassie Chesson, at to sign your class up. Include the number of students who will submit a masterpiece, their grade level, and the school’s shipping address (in case you win). It’s that simple.

Brainstorm your topic. The theme is vast: energy. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation, creativity, and diversity. Energy sources, conservation and efficiency, electricity, transportation . . . it’s completely up to each student! What does the word energy mean to you? What does it provide? Where does it come from? What does that look like in today’s world? What does it look like ideally? How do we conserve energy?

Create your work of art! Pencil, pen, marker– it’s your choice. The only rule: It must be done in one color. So pick one you’re quite fond of.

Mail us your classroom’s submissions by Friday, March 13, 2014! (Yes, Friday the 13th)

8408 Kao Circle
Manassas, VA 20110

The Prize:

Well, other than the glory of being picked out of MANY submissions, we promise to send the winning class an entire set. Totes for everyone!

Any questions? I’m here to help. Just email me!

Happy drawing! We hope it’s a TOTE-al blast!