When a token that controls the fate of Long Island is lost it’s up to one girl, Sarah Groff, to get it back. It’s the 45th day of the 13th moon; the humans come to an island. The island is owned by the Kurbs, creatures who thrive on darkness. The humans ask for permission to live on the island. The Kurbs say yes but on one condition, every year the humans have to find the Kurbs’ power source. The humans granted one person powers to find the power. When a “Neon Light Genius”, Mr. Underton, finds out about the Kurbs awesome power he is determined to find it. He figures out who is the one who carries out the sacred “power source ritual.” He makes his right hand man meet the woman. His right hand man and the woman fall deeply in love and have a baby, they name her Sarah Groff. Mr. Underton takes the baby and forces his right hand man to live a new life, start over. Sarah grows up thinking her mother is dead when she gets in a giant mess containing her father, mother, the token, and Mr. Underton. Does she find the token? Does she find out about her real mother? Those are questions the book will answer. I thought this book was a real “page turner.” New questions kept popping up. This book was a giant comic, which made it even better.