“A beautiful take on the water cycle. Waldman traces the journey of a single drop of water throughout the year, with each month receiving its own spread. The water begins as a snowflake that melts into a droplet, flows into the ground, bubbles up in a spring, flows into a farm’s irrigation system, evaporates into the morning fog, becomes part of a cloud, rains down, enters a plumbing system, washes a little girl’s face, flows out to the ocean, gets swept onto the shore and evaporates into the sky to become a snowflake once more. The clear text is undeniably lyrical: “It flowed past fields of waving sea grasses, over corals of many colors, and into the mouths of great striped fish.” The real stunners here, though, are the dazzling, cool-tones paintings that convey the wonders of nature with delicate precision. A must for libraries and science classrooms.” School Library Journal