Many young girls dream of becoming an astronaut, a doctor, an archaeologist, only to lose that dream by high school. The Ultimate Girls’ Guide to Science shows girls that it’s okay, even cool, to love science. Each chapter focuses on a particular science discipline, and includes these features: famous women scientists in history, such as Hypathia, Marie Curie, and Mae Jamison; easy at-home experiments to try; quotes from girls who tell why they love science; amazing science factoids; mini-bios of young girl scientists; and resources for more information on science topics and organizations. The Ultimate Girls’ Guide to Science shows its readers they are not alone in their interests and that science is not just a “boy thing.” From the chemistry of baking a scrumptious chocolate cake to learning more about animal biology, there is a type of science out there that every girl can love. Photographs and illustrations are featured in this inspiring treasure trove of information for girls about science.