This book shows you how to construct aerodynamic efficient wind turbine blades using wood, match and connect the blades to a generator, build mechanical controls to direct and ensure the safety and efficiency of the blades and erect the turbine safely using a guyed tower. Wind Power Workshop helps you understand wind turbine technology without assuming prior knowledge but does assume you have a technical background – either in engineering or electronics. Those without a technical background will need a physics book handy to help them understand terms such as force and turning moments. It also covers generator science, magnets, batteries; as well as supplying you with all the equations you need to correctly size a turbine of your own design. There is a chapter about safety to ensure that readers understand the many risks involved in wind turbine construction. Wind Power Workshop is suitable for engineering students wishing to learn about wind power; home engineering and woodwork enthusiasts; lovers of self sufficiency; and anyone interested in home power production.