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PowerPoint Presentations


Introduction to Petroleum and Natural Gas ppt
Peak Oil Game
Lease Sale


Secondary Article: Drilling a Well Today September 2002
Intertemediate/Secondary Article: Natural Gas in the News August/September 2003
Intermediate Article: Liquefied Natural Gas February/March 2004
Make A Difference! Be A Petroleum Engineer October 2005
What's New In Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry? October 2005
Career Choices in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry October 2005
Hydrocarbons March 2008
Intermediate/Secondary Activity: Chemical Models March 2008
Elementary Activity: Seismic Simulation May 2008
Energy Analysts: Doug MacIntrye, Oil Market Analyst, U.S Energy Informatin Administration January 2009
Q&A: Terry Mohn,Technologist Strategist, San Diego Gas and Electric & Southern California Gas co. May 2009
Q&A: Keats Moeller, Senior Adivisor of Recruting & Staffing, Conoco Phillips January 2009

NEED Curriculum Guides in Spanish


El Petroleo y el Gas Natural
What is Petroleum
Gas Natural
What is Natural Gas

Interactive Maps


Total International Oil Supply
Exports of Crude Oil
Imports of Crude Oil


Energy At A Glance


Natural Gas (small) (large)
Petroleum (small) (large)


Coloring Sheets


Natural Gas
Thanksgiving - Natural Gas
Petroleum Uses
Fossil Fuels and the Sun
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