Helpful Energy Sites

NEED’s partners in energy education have many resources to offer students and teachers. Check out these sites for more information about energy! Many great education web sites are listed on NEED’s Sponsors and Partners page too.

For Kids

NEED and the Energy Information Administration partner on the:
Energy Information Administration’s Kid’s Page

For Teachers

The Energy Technology Career Academy blog is a great resource about preparing students for careers in energy.

Energy Information Administration’s K-12 Energy Education Resource Guide.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science has great resources about energy related to their Wiess Energy Hall!

The National Science Teachers Association provides an “energy primer.” The site discusses energy in general, sources of energy, fossil fuels, renewable energy, and so forth. Also included are lesson plans for educators and experiments that children can try on their own.

The Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center has many resources to help schools reduce energy consumption and prevent pollution.  The Kentucky Energy Efficiency Program for Schools is an excellent resource for Kentucky schools.

Energy Resources from NEED Partners and Sponsors

Alliance to Save Energy
A great resource for energy efficiency and conservation.

American Coal Foundation
Lots of great information about coal and mining.

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Want to learn more about energy efficiency and conservation at home and at work and school?
American Electric Power
AEP’s educational website has great things for schools and individuals. Want the NEED Energy Infobooks (resource guides to energy sources and the Science of Energy) on all reading levels?

American Nuclear Society
Great resources on nuclear energy and careers in the nuclear industry.

The American Petroleum Institute has information about petroleum and natural gas and careers in the oil and gas industry.

Need information about wind energy? We suggest the American Wind Energy Association.

American Solar Energy Society
A great resource for solar energy.

The Diesel Technology Forum provides information about diesel technology for cars, buses, and other vehicles. The site has a great primer on clean diesel.

Florida Solar Energy Center
For great solar information and new energy curriculum for students.

Need information about geothermal energy? We suggest the Geothermal Education Office.

The Hydro Research Foundation (HRF) has launched a dynamic web site that makes hydropower far more understandable and accessible to students.

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council has great resources for schools considering going solar and for schoolsthat have made the leap! NEED received the 2002 IREC Energy Innovation Award for its Illinois Schools Going Solar program and curriculum materials.

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association’s Simply Insulate site to help families consider their insulation options.

Want to learn more about your state energy information? Visit the National Association of State Energy Officials.

National Ocean Industries Association
Great resources about oil and gas exploration on the outer continental shelf.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NREL’s work on renewable energy and energy efficiency offers great opportunities for students and teachers.

North Carolina Solar Center
A great resource for information about solar homes and applications of solar technology.

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
NESEA is the largest regional energy association in the United States.

Nuclear Energy Institute
Looking for more about nuclear energy? Here’s the place. As one of NEED’s energy partners, NEI is a great resource for nuclear energy information.

The Oilfield Energy Center provides valuable resources about offshore oil and gas.

Propane Education and Research Council
This site has great information on propane and fun educational materials.

Saudi Aramco
For more information about Saudi Arabian energy resources.

Society of Petroleum Engineers
Great resources about petroleum and natural gas and careers in the energy industry.

United States Government Energy Agencies and Programs

Energy Information Administration
The Energy Information Administration is a statistical agency in the U.S. Department of Energy created by Congress in 1977. EIA’s mission is to develop energy data and analyses that help enhance the understanding of energy issues on the part of business, government, and the general public.

United States Department of Energy
For more information about what’s happening in energy at the federal level.

United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
For more information about the natural resources of the Outer Continental Shelf.

United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management
NEED and BLM work together on curriculum supplements and training workshops.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has great resources for learning about energy and energy consumption. The Energy Star Program provides excellent information for school and home energy efficiency and conservation.

The Bonneville Power Administration has great information for Teachers and Students.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NREL’s work on renewable energy and energy efficiency offers great opportunities for students and teachers.

Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology is part of the U.S. Department of Energy. This site provides lots of nuclear energy information.

Energy Career Links

Society of Petroleum Engineers
Great resources on careers in the energy industry.

American Nuclear Society
Great resources on nuclear energy and careers in the nuclear industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics website links to the Occupational Outlook Handbook and Career Guide to Industries, two U.S. Government publications that provide information and statistics for all areas of labor in America.

The Technology Student Association is dedicated to exciting young people about careers in engineering. The website includes resources, newsletters, articles, and activities about engineering and technology careers.

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers