Energy dominates our society, see where it comes from, where it takes us, and how we use it to keep society going.

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Interactive maps showing where energy resources are located in the United States and other general energy-related information.

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Population by State (updated 8/28/2015)
Total Energy Consumption by State (updated 8/28/2015
U.S. Energy Expenditures by State (updated 8/28/2015)
U.S. Energy Expenditures per Capita (updated 8/28/2015)
U.S. Electric Power Generation (updated 8/28/2015)
U.S. Coal Basins
U.S. Coal Consumption by State (updated 8/28/2015)
U.S. Coal Production by State (updated 8/28/2015)
U.S. Natural Gas Production by State (updated 8/28/2015)
U.S. Natural Gas Consumption by State (updated 8/28/2015)
U.S. Crude Oil Production by state (updated 8/28/2015)
U.S. Oil and Gas Exploration
U.S. Major Natural Gas Basins
U.S. Major Uranium Reserves
U.S. Nuclear Power Reactors, 2013
Percentage of Total Electric Power Generation from Nuclear Energy (updated 8/28/2015)
Biomass (from NREL)
Solar (from NREL)
U.S. Wind Resources (from NREL)
U.S. Wind Generation by State (updated 8/28/2015)
U.S. Net Generation from Hydroelectric (updated 8/28/2015)
U.S. Hydroelectric Power, as a Percentage of Total Electricity Production (updated 8/28/2015)
U.S. Geothermal Resources (from NREL)


Using data from the Energy Information Administration, NEED has created the following maps.

International Maps

Total International Oil Supply
Exports of Crude Oil
Imports of Crude Oil

U.S. Maps

Average Retail Price for Electricity
Net Electricity Generation from Hydropower


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