Energy is more than the gas in your car and the power in your walls. There are tons of sources that power our lives.

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Newsletters (oldies but goodies)

Intermediate Activity: Crunch the Numbers-Energy in the U.S. November/December 2002
Primary Activity:Dichotomous Key of the Energy Sources January/February 2003
Intermediate Activity: Energy Source Webquest January/February 2003
Primary/Elementary Activity: Active Energy Sources September/October 2004
Primary Activity: Energy Source Puzzles April/May 2005
Energy Source Suduku May 2006
Primary/Elementary Activity: Energy Picture September 2006
Energy Analysts: Linda Doman,International Energy Analyst, U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration January 2009
Q&A: Ann Randazzo, Executive Director of the Center for Energy Workforce Development November 2009
Intermediate and Secondary Activity: Using Online Interactive Maps September 2011