Burn the midnight oil getting touched up on oil and gas, which fuel our cars, heat our homes, and make many of the products we use each day.  All NEED curriculum is available for free PDF download on the NEED shop – check out our petroleum and natural gas curriculum.

PowerPoint Presentations & Stories

Introduction to Petroleum and Natural Gas
Introduction to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Peak Oil Game
Lease Sale
A Natural Gas Story, Natural Gas Story Props, Natural Gas Story Props Answer Key – Students will explore the energy transformations associated with a natural gas energy flow – from formation to end use.

Digital Template

Created by NEED teacher Rob Griegoliet, this digital template is great for the Pretzel Power activity found in NEED guides: Fossil Fuels to Products, Transportation Trio, Oil, Natural Gas, and Their Energy.

Interactive Maps

Total International Oil Supply
Exports of Crude Oil
Imports of Crude Oil

Energy at a Glance

Natural Gas (small) (large)
Petroleum (small) (large)

NEED Curriculum in Spanish

El Petroleo y el Gas Natural
What is Petroleum
Gas Natural
What is Natural Gas

Coloring Sheets

Natural Gas
Thanksgiving – Natural Gas
Petroleum Uses
Fossil Fuels and the Sun

Coloring Book!

More Awesome Extras!

NEED Book List
Graphics Library (Natural Gas) (Petroleum)
PowerPoint Presentations
Energy Timeline
NEED Energy Video Lessons (Core Sampling Activity, Getting the Oil Out Activity)