Hop in and see where fuels from petroleum to biofuels are taking us, as vehicles use a variety of energy sources to keep us moving.

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Exploring Transportation
Introduction to Hybrid Buses



Elementary Article: Will your first care be a HEV? November/December 2002
Elementary Article: Will your First Car be an EV? January/February 2003
Elementary Article: Will your First Car Run on Ethanol? March/April 2003
Primary Activity:Transportation January 2005
Elementary Article: Energy Pioneers George Washington Carver March 2006
Intermediate Article: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles November 2007
Secondary Article: CAFÉ and MPG November 2007
Primary Activity: Transport Sort November 2007
Q&A: Catherine Gregoire Padro, Project Leader, Hydrogen Biomass Stystems February 2008
Career Chats: Laura Marlino, Deputy Director, Oak National Laboratory October 2008
Primary Transportation Activity: School Bus Hunt September 2008
Elementary Transportation Activity: Bus Stop September 2008
Intermediate Transportation Activity: Calculating Fuel Economy September 2008
Secondary Transportation Activity: Analyzing Fuel Economy September 2008
Q&A: Garrett Honaker,Towboat Captain,Crounse Corp September 2009
Q&A: Ginger Duncan, Manger of Training and Development for the Marine Group of Ingram Barge September 2009
Q&A: Tommy Woosley, Manager of the Maysville Divison of the Crounse Corp September 2009
Intermediate and Secondary Activity: Using Online Interactive Maps September 2011
Green Jobs February/March 2013


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