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    The big event is here! The Youth Energy Conference and Awards is expanding to give students and teachers more opportunities to learn about energy.

  • Color Some Energy!

    Our coloring book has been updated with new coloring sheets. Download the book and get coloring!

  • Bob Thompson Award

    The NEED Project is pleased to announce the 2017 recipient of the Bob Thompson Excellence in Energy Award is Teresa Fulk of Monticello-Brown Summit Elementary!

  • Energy in the Summer!

    Summer is approaching and soon people will be gassing up the grill for cookouts! Learn about what fuels your bbq and try our solar oven activity using the sun's rays.

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The Big Event is Here!

The 37th Annual NEED Youth Energy Conference and Awards starts with the special two-day, pre-conference event which will allow students access to additional hands-on energy sessions, time to discuss energy with their peers, and access to industry professionals to learn about energy careers.

The Youth Energy Conference and Awards is expanding to give students and teachers more opportunities to learn about energy and to explore energy in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). The annual June conference will have students from across the country working in groups on an Energy Challenge designed to stretch their minds and energy knowledge.

We can't wait to see everyone!

Download the Agenda here!

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