Written by Sue Parrent, Kentucky NEED Coordinator and elementary educator extraordinaire

“I do not like green eggs and ham I do not like them Sam I am.” Everyone remembers listening to and reading a Dr. Seuss book while growing up. March 2nd is a day in which we honor Dr. Seuss with Read Across America Day. Many schools will spend their day celebrating by holding reading marathons and engaging in fun reading activities. NEED curriculum can help you plan for this day, AND incorporate some science into the Dr. Seuss fun. Below are just two examples of Dr. Seuss books and NEED activities that will make a fun learning connection to a book. However, the possibilities are endless my dears; the ideas are piling up to our ears!

Oh the Places You’ll Go – Use Pretzel Power found in NEED’s Oil, Gas, and Their Energy Guide on page 35. In this fun activity, students will recognize the energy efficiency of different vehicles and benefits of carpooling.

Horton Hears a Who – Try out Exploring Sound in NEED’S Energy Works Student Guide, pages 55-59. Choose one of the Sound Modules and allow students to explore more about this form of kinetic energy.

Many of NEED’s partners participate in Read Across America Day. Phillips 66 volunteers spent the morning reading with young students at Walnut Bend Elementary. Phillips 66 is committed to promoting literacy and inspiring the potential with future generations.








We hope you enjoy Read Across America Day this year, we certainly do. NEED is so lucky to have friends who are teachers like you!