Listening to the news recently I heard commentators talking about current gas prices.  They are heading north of $3.40 per gallon in my area at the moment.  The commentator went on to talk about predictions toward summer hitting $5.00 per gallon or more.  As a nation – we have already cut back on optional driving as a reaction to the economic times.  What’s a citizen to do?  Are we really powerless?

Not quite.  We have some steps that we can take to make sure that you are getting the as many miles as possible for each pricey gallon of fuel.  Try these easy fixes to save some dough:

  • Inflate tires to the proper pressure – usually listed on a manufacturer’s sticker in your car’s door jamb
  • Unload the junk in your trunk – or inside the car for that matter – extra weight requires extra fuel for hauling
  • Have your mechanic make sure that your plugs and wires are in good shape – along with your air filter
  • Accelerate slowly from a stop and slow down early – (before you are on someone’s bumper) – sometimes the light will change allowing you to keep moving
  • Slow down to the posted speed limit – saving on gas, tickets and insurance premiums

A little forethought goes a long way when driving.  Saving on fuel also requires fewer pit stops! – Oh, bad analogy!


A blog from NEED Teacher Advisory Board Member Tom Spencer, Chesapeake, Virginia